YEAR: 2020
MEDIA: Field recordings, synthesizers, guitar
PARTNER: Intro in Situ

A relay composition commissioned by Intro in Situ, written and played by nine composers originating from different genres.

I had the honors to kick off: by providing a field recording I had made on a morning in early quarantine and layering synths and guitar on top. Chantal Acda, Orkun Agir, Julian Edwardes, Daniel van Loenen, Reggy van Bakel, Aart Strootman, Patrick Housen and Evelien van den Broek consecutively added to and worked on the piece.

The intention of Quara Morning was to experience the joy of making music together, without physically being together. 

Thanks to Tom Swart & Rutger Muller for provisional + additional mixing. Artwork by Hendrik Simons. Quara Morning was also the first release the label Intro in Situ Records.