photo: Niclas Weber

Miss Milivolt (Angela de Weijer) is a multidisciplinary artist, composer and dj based in Eindhoven - NL. 

Different listening to - and thinking about the world as we know it is central in Angela’s practice. Work starts with a question, observation or even a dad joke. De Weijer explores large and dramatic subjects (composing for air raid siren systems) as well as tiny things (conceptual sound).

Artistic research combined with a phenomenological approach are given elements of their process, the other ingredients are renewed with every project. Angela enjoys questioning the order of things and has the intention to reach a certain shift in perspective. 

Since 2020, Angela is one of three synthlords in experimental-ambient-drone-edm collective Drone Assembly

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Feb - Jun: Sound Arguments participant, Orpheus Institute Ghent (BE).

best of the past

Drone Assembly live at Roadburn Festival, Paradox - Tilburg.
Artist-Researcher collaboration with Prof. Karin Bijsterveld, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences (FASoS) - Maastricht University.
Headless Horses (performance with Woody Veneman), De Nachtapotheek, Salon Veneman - Eindhoven. 
Rara Undead: Midnight Madness (dj set with Munne), Stroomhuis - Eindhoven. 

Drone Assembly x WirWar Lightsystem, Hall of Fame - Tilburg.
Monheim Triennale - Collective Signal I-IV, Monheim Am Rhein (DE). 
Siren Sundown (performance meditation), Monheim Triennale (DE).
Drone Assembly x RHIANNIN x Kypski x Autarkh, Best Kept Secret / Secret Artists in Residence - Hilvarenbeek. 
Radio Rakete: Sonic Lecture on Sirens (podcast), presented by curator Frank Schulte - Monheim Triennale. 

Enter Spaceship Earth | Rararadio Evoluon Takeover: Miss Milivolt (dj set), Dutch Design Week - Eindhoven. 
Harvest Sea (premiere, darkened listening session), Symposium: Noise as a Compositional Tool, HET CONCREET - Tilburg.
Conversations with Friends (reprise performed by Marc Schippers & Henrike van Tuijl) - Fabrique Magnifique, Veghel.
Compound Chorus (installation) at Dat Wat Blijft: 200 jaar Zuid-Willemsvaart by Monique Broekman - Weert, Neeroeteren (BE), Liège (BE), Veghel. 
Drone Assembly (supporting Insect Ark), Little Devil - Tilburg.
Conversations with Friends: parallel concerts for church organ - Erp, Schijndel, St. Oedenrode, Veghel.
Hybrid Music Vibes (livestream), Effenaar - Eindhoven. 
HET CONCREET x Drone Assembly (livestream) - Tilburg.

New Music Conference: Composing for city or countryside (panel talk), November Music - Den Bosch.
Drone Assembly (live improv), Paviljoen Ongehoorde Muziek - Eindhoven.
Compound Chorus (installation) Dat Wat Blijft: 200 jaar Zuid-Willemsvaart by Monique Broekman - Helmond, Veghel & Maastricht.

Quara Morning (viral compositon), Intro In Situ Records. 
Retracing (video performance) with Germaine Sijstermans & Rutger Muller for, Intro in Situ - Maastricht. 

The Dream Machines (dj set) at Rararadio Benefissa, Wall Street - Eindhoven.
Cosmic Travel Kit (immersive installation) at Homo Sensorium / Dutch Design Week,  Baltan Laboratories - Eindhoven.

Collective Signal (proof of concept), Intro in Situ - Maastricht, Paviljoen Ongehoorde Muziek - Eindhoven & Witte Rook - Breda.
Worm Pirate Bay: Food for Thoughts by Asnate Bockis | Symphony of the Sirens, WORM - Rotterdam.

November Music - 1'26'' (performance lecture), Verkadefabriek -
Den Bosch.

De kleur van jonge honden en oude meesters (group expo), Kruisruimte - Eindhoven.

Zzondag: Blueprint of Senses, Locatie Z - Den Haag.
November Music, Installatie Expeditie - Den Bosch.
Out of the Bieb: The Immersive Library, Bibliotheek Midden Brabant - Tilburg & Den Bosch.
25 Years Artscience, Paradiso - Amsterdam.
Percussive Hunter, Akbank Sanat - Istanbul (TR).

Installatie Expeditie, November Music - Den Bosch.
Earwitness Objects, Baltan Laboratories - Eindhoven.
KABK Graduation Festival - Den Haag.
Nieuwe Koek, CHV Noordkade - Veghel.
The Royal Institute of Hydra Studies, GEMAK - Den Haag.

Vijf Keer Zo Dik, Kelderman en Van Noort - Eindhoven.
Wild C: Dutch Design Week - Eindhoven.
New Jacks 4.0, Incubate Festival - BKKC, Tilburg.
NUNC2, Galerie 56 - Tilburg. 
Brabants Talent, CBKV de Krabbedans - Eindhoven.

Monument for The Unseen, Dutch Design Week - Eindhoven.
Baltan Labaratories: Beyond Data Lab, Dutch Design Week - Eindhoven.
Zzondag ‘Binnen het Buiten’, Locatie Z - Den Haag.

WATCH: Leerling/Meester (David Claerbout), Kunstpodium T - Tilburg.

2022 - 2023 Monheim Triennale - Monheim Am Rhein (DE).
2020 - 2021 Stadscomponist Meierijstad.
2020 - 2021 Intro in Situ, artistic developer - Maastricht.
2018 - 2019 Oldfactory Olfactory, Baltan Laboratories - Eindhoven.

awards and grants
2021 - 2023 Kunstloc Impulsgelden: YOU NEVER DRONE ALONE
2018 - 2020 Intro in Situ Huismaker  
2015 - 2017 Muzieklab Brabant New Arrivals
2015 BKKC Out of the BIEB travel grant
2015 Sonotopia Competition Bonn, honorary mention
2014 Master ArtScience Department Award
2013 Stimuleringsfonds e-culture exhibition grant: Nieuwe Koek
2011 Jacques de Leeuw Young Talent Award, teaching category
2011 Gemeente Eindhoven project grant: Monument for The Unseen


MA ArtScience 2012 - 2014
Royal Conservatory / Royal Academy of Arts, Den Haag.

BA Fine Arts in Education cum laude 2006 - 2011
Fontys Academy of Arts, Tilburg.

selected publications
Kultur-West: Die Kleinstadt als Konzert, F. Weiffen. 
New Music Now: Het werkproces en de première van ‘Conversations with Friends’, editorial. 

HET CONCREET: Kijken naar Geluid, R. van Marissing. 
Eindhoven Rockity: Miss Milivolt en heavy metal in de kerken van Meierijstad, G. Segers. 

Electronic Sound Magazine, Sound The Alarm: Noise project pushing buttons, I. Lewis-Smith.
MESTmag: Angela de Weijer - Stadscomponist van Meierijstad wil graag wat zaken in trilling brengen, A. de Weijer. 

NEURAL. Collective Signal - siren's farewell, editorial.
De laatste zang der sirenen, Angela de Weijer's Collective Signal,
E. van Rosmalen - Witte Rook.
Collective Signal, the air raid siren swan song, M. IJzerman  - Everyday Listening.

Composing “With”, “Through”, and “Against”: Interactive Digital Music Interfaces and Adaptive Compositional Practices,
thesis by G. Meyer, Maastricht University.

Out of the BIEB: De Immersieve Bibliotheek, M. Hermans,
J. Harings.
Mest Magazine 11: De Bibliotheek van de Toekomst, een plek voor verwondering en ontmoeting, M. van der Voort.
Sesle Avlanan / Percussive Hunter. Akbank Sanat (TR) exhibition catalog - N. Johannes Lekkerkerk, G. Stein, E. Ikoniadou.

Muziek Met: essay The listener and the elephant - On sound art,
J. Nieuwenhuis.
Metropolis M Eindexamenbijlage 2014: Earwitness Objects,
J. Geerlings.
Brabants Dagblad: Wetenschap kust de kunst, F. Willems.

RISING: Eindhoven Contemporary Art, ed. R. Leeuw.
Beyond Data: Baltan Laboratories & Kitchen Budapest,
A. Plohman, M. Sipos.

Eindhovens Dagblad: Miss Milivolt mengt heden en verleden,
D. Broers.
Tien Jaar Jacques de Leeuw Prijs, Fontys Hogescholen