Angela de Weijer - photo: Boudewijn Bollmann

Miss Milivolt (Angela de Weijer) is a multidisciplinary artist, composer and dj. Different listening to and thinking about the world as we know it is a consistent starting point in her practice. As a maker, Angela is a hybrid between detective and hunter. Artistic research and immersion in her current topic are an integral part of her output.

Her choices in subject matter range between large and dramatic (project: composing for the Dutch air raid siren system) to tiny (concept: infinite sound). Angela challenges herself to renew her methodologies as much as possible with every project, using the acquired knowledge to establish a shift in the perception of her audience - either temporary or permanent.

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Angela de Weijer - Eindhoven, NL.


2023: Monheim Triennale (DE) - Composition for sirens
2023: Gaudeamus Festival (NL) - Solo for bagpipes, collab w/ Erwan Keravec

best of the past

Dutch Design Week - Enter Spaceship Earth | Rararadio Evoluon Takeover - dj set.
Symposium: Noise as a Compositional Tool HET CONCREET - Tilburg.
Conversations with Friends reprise at Fabrique Magnifique.
Location: Kloosterkapel - Veghel.
Compound Chorus at floating exhibit Dat Wat Blijft, Museum W - Weert and other locations.
Drone Assembly supporting Insect Ark, Little Devil - Tilburg.
Conversations with Friends: parallel concerts for church organ in Erp, Schijndel, St. Oedenrode, Veghel.
HET CONCREET x Drone Assembly, livestream from Tilburg.

New Music Conference: Composing for city or country side panel talk, November Music - Den Bosch.
Drone Assembly, live improv at Paviljoen Ongehoorde Muziek - Eindhoven.
Compound Chorus at floating exhibit Dat Wat Blijft: 200 jaar Zuid-Willemsvaart by Monique Broekman. Mooring locations: Helmond, Veghel & Maastricht.

Quara Morning through Intro In Situ Records
Retracing - for

The Dream Machines (dj set) at Rararadio Benefissa, Wall Street Eindhoven.
Cosmic Travel Kit at Homo Sensorium by Baltan Laboratories - Eindhoven.

Collective Signal proof of concept at Intro in Situ Maastricht, Paviljoen Ongehoorde Muziek Eindhoven & Witte Rook Breda.
Worm Pirate Bay: Food for Thoughts - Asnate Bockis | Symphony of the Sirens, WORM - Rotterdam.

November Music - 1'26'', Verkadefabriek - Den Bosch.

De kleur van jonge honden en oude meesters, Kruisruimte - Eindhoven.

Zzondag: Blueprint of Senses, Locatie Z - Den Haag.
November Music, Installatie Expeditie - Den Bosch.
Out of the Bieb: The Immersive Library, Bibliotheek Midden Brabant - Tilburg / Den Bosch.
25 Years Artscience, Paradiso - Amsterdam.
Percussive Hunter, Akbank Sanat - Istanbul.

November Music, Installatie Expeditie - Den Bosch.
Earwitness Objects, Baltan Laboratories - Eindhoven.
KABK Graduation Festival - Den Haag.
Nieuwe Koek, CHV Noordkade - Veghel.
The Royal Institute of Hydra Studies, GEMAK - Den Haag.

Vijf Keer Zo Dik, Kelderman en Van Noort - Eindhoven.
Wild C: Dutch Design Week - Eindhoven.
New Jacks 4.0, Incubate Festival - BKKC, Tilburg.
NUNC2, Galerie 56 - Tilburg. 
Brabants Talent, CBKV de Krabbedans - Eindhoven.

Monument for The Unseen, Dutch Design Week - Eindhoven.
Beyond Data Lab, Baltan Laboratories Dutch Design Week - Eindhoven.
Zzondag: Binnen het Buiten, Locatie Z - Den Haag.

WATCH, Leerling/Meester (David Claerbout), Kunstpodium T - Tilburg.

2018 - 2020 Intro in Situ - Maastricht
2018 - 2019 Oldfactory, Olfactory. Baltan Laboratories - Eindhoven

awards and grants
2021 - 2023 Kunstloc Impulsgelden: YOU NEVER DRONE ALONE
2020 - 2021 Stadscomponist Meierijstad
2018 - 2020 Huismaker Intro in Situ
2015 - 2017 Muzieklab Brabant New Arrivals talent program
2015 Out of the BIEB travel grant
2015 Sonotopia Competition Bonn - honorary mention
2014 Master ArtScience Department Award
2013 Stimuleringsfonds E-culture exhibition grant Nieuwe Koek Veghel
2011 Jacques de Leeuw Young Talent Award teaching category
2011 Gemeente Eindhoven project grant Monument for The Unseen

2012 - 2014
Royal Conservatory / Royal Academy of Arts, Den Haag
MA ArtScience

2006 - 2011
Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts, Tilburg
BA with Honours Fine Arts in Education

selected publications
New Music Now: Het werkproces en de première van ‘Conversations with Friends’. 

Electronic Sound Magazine, Sound The Alarm: Noise project pushing buttons, I. Lewis-Smith.
MESTmag: Angela de Weijer - Stadscomponist van Meierijstad wil graag wat zaken in trilling brengen, A. de Weijer.

NEURAL. Collective Signal - siren's farewell, editorial.
De laatste zang der sirenen, Angela de Weijer's Collective Signal, E. van Rosmalen - Witte Rook.
Collective Signal, the air raid siren swan song, M. IJzerman - Everyday Listening.

Composing “With,” Through,” and “Against”: Interactive Digital Music Interfaces and Adaptive Compositional Practices, thesis by G. Meyer, Maastricht University.

Out of the BIEB: article De Immersieve Bibliotheek, M. Hermans, J. Harings.
Mest Magazine 11: article De Bibliotheek van de Toekomst, een plek voor verwondering en ontmoeting, M. van der Voort.
Sesle Avlanan / Percussive Hunter. Exhibition catalogue International Curator Competition 2014, Akbank Sanat. With contributions by N. Johannes Lekkerkerk, G. Stein, E. Ikoniadou.

Muziek Met: essay The listener and the elephant - On sound art, J. Nieuwenhuis.
Metropolis M Eindexamenbijlage 2014: review of Earwitness Objects, J. Geerlings.
Brabants Dagblad: article Wetenschap kust de kunst, Nieuwe Koek exhibition, F. Willems.

RISING: Eindhoven Contemporary Art, ed. R. Leeuw.
Beyond Data: Baltan Laboratories & Kitchen Budapest, A. Plohman, M. Sipos.

Eindhovens Dagblad: article Miss Milivolt mengt heden en verleden, D. Broers.
Tien Jaar Jacques de Leeuw Prijs, Fontys Hogescholen