YEAR: 2020
MEDIA: Artistic concept
PARTNERS: Intro in Situ, Krackfree Soundsystem

Large sounds roll through the departure hall of Heerlen train station. They touch the bodies of travellers and passersby. The failed pandemic year of 2020 has left us hungry: devoid of physical contact, touch, social ritual and summer celebrations. Retreating into digital life has led to a deficiency in beneficial and tangible vibrations.  

Deep Bass Healing Machine is a concept for healing people in public space, providing them the rumble of life. A sound system on location, playing special compositions periodically disrupts the everyday in a pleasant way. An experience which leaves you refreshed. 

This work was commissioned by Intro in Situ for Cultura Nova Festival, but remained in conceptual state due to recurring lockdowns.

Krackfree mockup by T.WEE Illustrations.