ⓒ 2011 - 2022

In 2015, LOWTECHCAMPUS (a collaboration between designer Florian de Visser and myself) traveled to Istanbul, London and Tokyo. We were after inspiration for the library of the future as part of the project Out of the Bieb, commissioned by Bibliotheek Midden Brabant, Bibliotheek 's Hertogenbosch, BKKC Tilburg, Cubiss and Provincie Noord Brabant.

A focal point of this research was to investigate the physical library in times of extensive digitisation of collections, often challenging or threatening the legitimacy of the building or institute itself. On the road, LOWTECHCAMPUS discovered several aspects in favour of the physical library. For instance; the configuration and designated purpose of a space can influence and assist the user to achieve the right mindset to study, to create or simply to focus.

We came to define this proposition as ‘scripted space’, because of the physical steps it requires for an individual to enter a certain space while simultaneously making a mental transition to a different mode of operation. LOWTECHCAMPUS visualised a number of scripted spaces in an animation, soundscape and spatial collage. Featured are: Orhan Pamuk's 'The Museum of Innocence', Sir John Soane's Museum, Japanese manga cafés, community spaces, various parks and gardens and a sentō (public bath). The concept of scripted space can benefit the many spaces people use on a daily basis and have the intention to expand their research on this topic.

The research results have been presented in a travelling exhibition and a publication. You can read the full publication HERE (p. 38-47).