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Monument for The Unseen (2010/2011)
site specific soundsculpture.audiowalk.augmented reality

Reimagine this field.
The parents of your grandparents are youngsters; it has been been a hot summer day. Straw hats, lovely dresses, bottles of lemonade. People gather, because the local ensemble celebrates this wonderful evening with a concert at the bandstand in the park. Shhh, it is about to begin!

Monument for The Unseen is an audiowalk in augmented reality that revives and recreates a summer evening around the lost bandstand once situated in the Philips de Jonghpark. This work can be perceived as the soundtrack to 'real life cinema'.

Monument for The Unseen consists of binaural audio, a special recording technique which demands playback on headphones for an optimal listening experience. The original building plans of the pavillion have contributed to creation of an accurate reverb of the structure, making the ensemble from 1930 sound like it must have back in the day.