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Cosmic Travel Kit (2019)
sound composition.helmet concept.routing.historical research

Baltan Laboratories invited Klara Ravat (ES), Pieter Verhees (NL) and myself to develop a wearable for adressing multiple senses. Based on an original concept by artist Peter Nagelkerke, who dreamed about building a 'smell map' of the former Philips factory grounds, we started with an intensive collaboration spanning several work sessions and residencies. Read more about the development of Cosmic Travel Kit here.

The result is a portable micro theater which looks somewhat like an astronaut's helmet. We created a 20-minute multisensory walk across Strijp-S, leading past several iconic locations. The inspiration for the tour comes from time travel and the rich history of the area, but it offers more than just nostalgia.

Cosmic Travel Kit guides you through the walk using GPS, while alternate realities from past, present and future are narrated through sound and scent compositions. Cosmic Travel Kit was first presented to the audience during as part of the Homo Sensorium program at Dutch Design Week 2019 in Natlab.

Video by Timo de Kruijf.